"Chronique d'un dialogue de sourds": a personal account of life in Israel/Palestine, 1998-2002.

170 pages, in French, with 50 BW and color photographs by the author.

Published in 2003 by Labor et Fides, Geneva.



"Local Color": an accordion book bringing together 20 color pictures from Texas.

Edition of 5 books printed on Hahnemühle photo rag paper using K3 pigment inks. Bound by the artist in San Francisco, December 2008, under the direction of John DeMerritt and Michael Creedon.

Edition 2 of 5 purchased by Stanford University's Special Collections.

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Photos by Flore de Préneuf published in dozens of publications including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The St Petersburg Times, Newsday, Libération, Le Figaro, The Independent, and de Volkskrant.

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Short selection of articles written by Flore de Préneuf. (Browse Google for more)


A Grandmother's Gift The St Petersburg Times, 1/31/2010
"My Son Was Killed Because of the Occupation", 4/5/2002
The Revolution Must Be Televised, 3/20/2002
Sleeping with the Enemy, 2/21/2002
Ordinary Terrorists, 12/5/2001
Time to Torture?, 11/16/2001
Living with Terrorism, 9/13/2001
Where's Arafat?, 3/8/2001
Israel's Apartheid, 11/3/2000
"The Bulldozer", 10/17/2000
At the Border, Chaos and Uncertainty The St Petersburg Times, 5/24/2000
Iran's Chess War, 2/18/2000
Miss Israel Visits The Balkans, 4/15/1999
Jazz Messiah Newsday, 4/21/1999
When Peace Divides The Financial Times, 11/22/1997
Stevens sur un air d'Islam Libération, 11/17/1997
Facade of Glory The Washington Post, 11/24/1996


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